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Size Matters

Let's talk uke shapes and sizes.

It is important to know that there is no right or wrong when choosing a body size for your ukulele.  All of the body sizes provide everything you would need for your ukulele, but there may be the best fit for YOU.

There are 4 main ukulele sizes available from most ukulele builders:

1 - Soprano

The soprano ukulele is the traditional body size for a ukulele.  At 20"-21" long, it is the smallest body of the bunch and provides a bright, punchy tone.  Once the most popular option, the soprano is now the most popular choice for kids, or for grown-ups who want the most portable instrument.

2 - Concert

A concert ukulele is slightly longer and the body is slightly bigger than the soprano, at 23".  This provides a bit more space for fingers on the fingerboard.  It will sound quite similar, tonally, to the soprano, but the slightly larger body will produce a little more volume thanks to the larger resonating chamber.  We suggest the concert model for anyone seeking the traditional ukulele tone, but who may be a little more comfortable with a bigger body.

3 - Tenor

In the last couple of years, the most popular choice has become the tenor ukulele.  At 26", it is another increase in size from the concert.  The same benefits of that larger size are present here: you get even more room on the fingerboard to shape the chords and the larger body provides even more resonance.  The tenor uke will sound quite a bit deeper than the other options, so it strays a bit from traditional ukulele tone.  

4 - Baritone

The largest option is the baritone ukulele at 30".  A baritone ukulele is almost a ukulele category of its own since it is strung and tuned differently than the other models.  This provides the deepest tone of any ukulele and is great for anyone with a deep voice.

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