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Honolua Bay, Maui

Our story starts in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  For over a decade, I have worked in music stores, and watched the resurgence of the ukulele.  It makes sense.  In my experience, most people fall into two categories: those who play an instrument, and those who want to play an instrument.  There's a whole lot to love about the idea of a small, portable, warm sounding, inexpensive, easy on the fingers, simpler lookalike to a guitar.  I saw companies building a toy version of a ukulele, and customers getting frustrated with their toys.  But this is music, you deserve better than a toy.   
We design real instruments.  Instruments that are meant to be played.  That are meant to inspire creation and singalongs.  We focus on the construction components that will provide the best sound.  We use solid wood tops so the instrument can project.  We use bone nuts and saddles so the instrument will resonate.  We use high quality tuning heads so you spend your time playing instead of tuning.  We design carefully to produce the best possible ukulele at an affordable price because we want anyone that wants to play music to do so on a real instrument.
We are named for Honolua Bay, on the west side of Maui, where my personal love of ukulele was formed.  We celebrate the ukulele and look forward to helping people play more music.
Dave Simpson
Honolua Ukuleles


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