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Now How Do I Play This Thing?

The ukulele is one of the easiest entries into playing an instrument you will find, but everyone has to start learning somewhere.  Here are some of our favourite places to learn to play.

Private Lessons - While not free, private lessons are still probably the most effective way to learn to play.  A quick search of your location and "ukulele lessons" should provide you with some options for a teacher.

Ukulele Groups - Every major city has ukulele groups or clubs and you probably didn't even know.  Do a Google search and see what you can find.  Put yourself out there, you'll probably meet some new friends along the way!

Fender Play - As far as online courses, this is our favourite.  There are ukulele-specific paths of learning and the videos and tutorials can be done on your phone, tablet or computer.  This is how my 7 year old started his uke path.  There is a 30 day free trial and it is very affordable if you decide to continue.

The Ukulele Teacher - One of the most popular ukulele channels on Youtube is The Ukulele Teacher.  There are years worth of videos and they include everything from "How to Tune My Ukulele" to learning chords to song specific tutorials.  He does a great job keeping it simple and fun.

Bernadette Teaches Music - Another popular ukulele Youtube channel with a huge catalogue of instructional videos.

Ukulele Underground - Ukulele Underground is another hotbed of uke information on Youtube with years of videos, lessons and tutorials to get you going.  If you are brand new to uke, check out their super popular video "How to Play the Ukulele in 5 Mins".

Ultimate Guitar - Don't let the name fool you, ukulele lives here too.  On this site you can get uke chords for pretty much any song you can think of for free!

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